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Charlie Stockford
Dani Gray

We got together from years of studying at Bristol Upholstery Collective in Bristol.

Charlie has spent most of her career working running a Sustainability Data consultancy and now has the opportunity for a change of career and go back to her love of creative crafts.  She specialises in one off "quirky" statement chairs and memory quilts that are put together just for you.

Dani started her career as a chef and has recently worked for a number of different small upholstery shops gaining valuable experience over the years.  Dani's love is traditional upholstery with natural and softer fabrics.

My corner chair was in a sorry state and Charlie fixed it all up and has given it a new lease of life... another 50 years hopefully

My memory quilt is fantastic. Charlie was very attentive and completely personalised it for me using all my fabrics, clothes and over 18 photos that I had. She even recoloured and mended some of the creased and faded photos. Brilliant job.

Im very pleased with my new kitchen stools and bar seat recovered in matching cream vinyl.  Very smart Thank you.

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